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Porterville Historical Museum's Annual Toy and Model Train Show


Every year the Museum hosts a Toy and Model Train show, featuring over a dozen model train sets and antique toys. Opening the day after Thanksgiving, the trains run all the way through the Christmas season until the first week of January. Here are just a few photos of our most recent show.







Photos Courtesy of Judy Holloway  




An "Attractive and Exciting" Machine


The late summer spot light falls on the shoe fitting fluoroscope located in the exhibit room by the west door.  According to the advertising it is "as attractive and exciting to little customers as 'free balloons and all-day suckers.'"


Today it continues to fascinate little customers-although we don't use the fluoroscope, which allows the viewer to see a foot as it would have been seen.


This machine was used in the Economy Shoe Store (owned by Oliver Mason) in the 1940's.  Many Museum visitors remember it fondly.



Porterville Historical Museum's

Heritage Cook Book


What's that?


     Right now, it's an idea. We are asking our "Friends" to submit recipes for this venture-a favorite, a family favorite or a very old family favorite.


    If you have a really old recipe, please include a little history with it (such as my great great great grandmother brought this recipe across the Plains in 1867) or any other interesting tidbit.


Will it happen?


    It all depends on our "Friends".  If we receive enough recipes-the ball will start rolling.  Send your recipe 257 N. D. Street, bring by the Museum or email it to  Be sure to include your name.  P.S. Museum staff would be happy to "taste test" any sample brought by the Museum.  Recipes should be submitted by February 15.


Can I  send more than one?


     Oh, yes. Be sure to use standard measurements and include instructions.


Is this a fund raising project?


    Yes, indeed and your participation will be greatly appreciated.  And it should be fun.